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In 2009, Kodak announced that it would stop producing its iconic Kodachrome film after nearly 75 years in production. Kodachrome is a big deal: it's so popular that a state park is named after it, and of course Paul Simon wrote a song about it. But why was Kodachrome so beloved? It was good, color slide film that held up well in the field and in archives. And in the first twenty-ish years, the cost of processing (developing and mounting the slides) was included in the purchase price. It was good stuff.*

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Hey friends!
We're back with some good posts. If you still haven't signed up for our facebook page, you can do it right now! ;)

Nobody likes to be in the hospital. It's just not that much fun, especially if the stay is a lengthy one. Three window washers took on the challenge of bringing smiles to every patient's face at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.

You can read about that more deeply by visiting this link.

And I want to say, that there are s ... Read more »

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Yep, he's alive and he's back!

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Repainting walls would take less than 2 seconds.

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This post has new address:


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Steve Goodin, also known as DEMEN1, is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator from Sacramento, CA, USA, who produces both personal and freelance work. He gives a new approach on posters, combining 3D typography with Photoshop in a lovely manner. Steve is trying to further his expertise in digital media, and is constantly exploring new tools and techniques he needs to fully realize his ideas and creativity. You can see the results of his hard work in this post below.

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Hello, friends!
It’s Friday night, and we just found one very-very good picture series «When I Grow Up» by Andy Fairhurst.

Those pics are really-really nice, but, there’s one thing, that people should think about: Why would a child want to become Bane or Joker? Scary thing. Well, there’s only one question on my mind: when you will have kids, will you raise them as super-hero, or as a villain?
For more «When I Grow Up» pics, you should visit Andy’s official deviantART account. Now relax and enjoy his works! Thanks ;)

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Ali Ertürk is a photographer from San Francisco, United States. His photographs are famous for strong colors beautiful light. Most of his photos are scenes of nature, however there are some urban pictures as well. You can have a look at his amazing work on his official Deviantart page or here, in this post below.

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Good day to all artnazzers :) Today, after watching this video, we decided, that we are going to post not only inspirational pictures, but inspirational videos as well! Yes, we think it’s awesome too! :-)

If you have any good videos(suitable for all ages) you want to share with others, please do send them to, and we will publish it!

When Andrew De Leon walked out onto the stage in Austin, Texas, for his America’s Got Talent audition Tuesday, his goth appearance — long black hair, dark eye makeup, Marilyn Manson-esque contacts and black clothes — initially drew smirks from the judges.

«Growing up, I was alienated ... Read more »

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Sometimes when I surf the internet, I find so many interesting stuff, which I really would like to show you, but can’t... because I simply forget where I saw it :C But not this time C:

Since it’s summer outside(it’s +20 here) I would like to show you some water pictures, or Sarah Lee’s project «Below the Waterline». I really like her photos, but our disc space doesn’t allow us to upload all her works, so I would recommend to you to visit her web-site, there you can find more of her photos. You also can subscribe to her Facebook page, or her Twitter account to receive her latest updates.

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