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Main » 2012 » June » 15 » Ali Ertürk Photography
Ali Ertürk Photography

Ali Ertürk is a photographer from San Francisco, United States. His photographs are famous for strong colors beautiful light. Most of his photos are scenes of nature, however there are some urban pictures as well. You can have a look at his amazing work on his official Deviantart page or here, in this post below.

(26 photographs)

1. San Fran, without the Beatles

2. Dreamy way

3. Koenigssee

4. San Francisco, Baker Beach

5. Chicago, Who is shooting Who?

6. Prague, Dancing House

7. Hawaii

8. Chicago, The Bean X

9. The Green Stones

10. Invasion of the Fog

11. Tranquality

12. The path into sea

13. Hawaii, Flourishing

14. Yangshuo, Heavenly

15. The road by flowers

16. Hawaii, the reflection

17. San Francisco, Baker Beach

18. Munich, Frauenkirche

19. The light and the city

20. The vessels, skyline at night

21. Feeding, blooming tree

22. Hawaii, circulation

23. California. The killer wave

24. Hawaii, TNT

25. Golden Gate in Fire Chamber

26. Hawaii, the sun goes down

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