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Main » 2012 » March » 3 » Unbelievable Cakes by Sylvia Veynstok
Unbelievable Cakes by Sylvia Veynstok

When rich and famous people want to surprise everyone on their party with a unusual cake, there's only one person they can go to for it. 82-year old Silvia Veynstok creates her masterpieces from cakes. And it doesn't matter if client wants — lots of flowers or copy of his favourite thing — for Silvia it's only a cake.

(19 photos)

Photos: Laurentiu Garofeanu/ Barcroft USA

One of those cakes can cost up to 65 thousand dollars.

Wedding cake for Liza Minnelli and David Gest. P.Diddi, Jennifer Lopez and Cyndi Lauper are also apply to Sylvia, when they want to impress guests at the celebration cake.

Among her clients there also are politicians, Clinton and Kennedy families for example.

Silvia makes her cakes for over 30 years now.

She lives and works in Manhattan. «It’s take a lot of time, — says Silvia. — We can make a cake in under 24h, but complex cakes can take up to a week! Every detail you can see on the cake, every flower — that all takes time. They are eatable masterpieces».

«We are very careful with the prices. But if somebody spends 4 million on their wedding, they can afford to give 60 000 $ for the cake. Unbelievable, but it might be the cheapest thing on their list!».

Queen Elizabeth II cake.

Here's some nice eatable jacket.

Rodeo style cake.

Dog lovers cake. Basset-Hound here.

Favourite teacher happy birthday cake.

Cake for a hunter.

Cake for clothes brand «Juicy Couture».


Happy newborn!

Cowboy boot cake.

Brooklyn Bridge cake.

Cake for photographer.

Silvia with her masterpieces in New-York studio.

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