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Lithuania is finally on Google Maps Street View. Or as the country is really called, Lietuva. On a first try, it looks like Google covered a lot of our beautiful country.

The project was supposed to have launched at the end of 2012 but it did not materialize until today. Lithuania Google Maps Street View is now live!

Well, as we all know, it's only a matter of time, before somebody will find some «awkward» photos on Google Street View, so lets see what people found in Lithuania! ... Read more »

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This post has new address: http://artnaz.com/motherdaughter/


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Here in UK we don't have clear sky very often, so it was quiet a luck that I had my camera with me)

I used my new Nikon D3200 with 300mm lens. Settings: 1/800 and ISO 100. Btw, please visit my Flickr account and don't forget to join my facebook page!

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Hey there!
I think many of you seen the «add drama button» as an advertisemnt for Netherlands TV channel.

Well they released second ad! Here's a vid for you!

If you haven't seen first part, I attached it inside the post. ... Read more »

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This post has new address: http://artnaz.com/poniescardigans/


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San Francisco-based street photographer Travis Jensen has made a name for himself capturing candid shots, many of them in the rough Tenderloin neighborhood in downtown San Francisco. In this video from KAYO TV, he explains his love of street photography and the city that has become his adopted home.

... Read more »
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In mid-December, photographer Gavin Heffernan and his team braved freezing temps at the Eureka Dunes in Death Valley to capture the beautiful time-lapse footage seen above. They expected to (and did) get some gorgeous shots of dunes and star trails; what they didn’t expect was footage of a strange flying object (we’re purposely avoiding the term UFO because of its affiliation with oblong green men with large eyes) circling the night sky.

... Read more »
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Hey there!
Here's a pretty good posters, which one of our readers sent to naz@artnaz.com. I'll gladly post it!

You can find two more inside the post! ... Read more »

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Just when we thought he couldn't outdo himself, artist Liu Bolin is back with a variety of new and mind-boggling disappearing acts. We have seen many of his camouflaging techniques in action here and here, and now he takes us on fresh journeys across walls of graffiti, stuffed toys, and cellular phones. The 40-year old, China-based artist has made quite the reputation for his incredibly detailed optical illusions in which he uses his body as the foundation for expressing his art through performance.

A few days ago, Hiding in the City opened at Galerie Paris-Beijing in Paris. The solo exhibit will run through March 9, 2013 and features many of Bolin's new pieces. The artist says, "Each one chooses his or her path to come in contact with the external world. I chose to merge with the environment." In addition to his self-portraits, the artist even branched out to include a scene where he blends a mother, a father, and a young child into red Chinese lanterns in a shop in Beijing. What a memorable family portrait!

... Read more »
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If you own or want to get some Leica cameras, here’s a pocket guide on Leica lenses.

Unlike many camera lens lines, Leica’s lenses are group into categories under well known trademarked names. Mention the word Noctilux, and a Leica shooter will immediately know that you’re referring to a f/1 lens that’s geared towards shooting in low-light environments.

Photographer Thorsten Overgaard has been working on a definitions page that explains the origins of the various terms — the explanations go beyond what the terms r ... Read more »

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