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Adam Spizak is a talented graphic designer from Poland, now living in London. From the first glance at his illustrations you will be overwhelmed by strong emotions that his artwork is conveying. Once he starts working on image, he builds a story. Adam admits that without putting a story in his illustrations he can't fully enjoy the process of creating them.

Despite the fact that Adam has a multimedia design degree, most of his graphic design skills he got by himself. Everything what you see in this post below came from long experiments and many failures.

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I recently was surfing the internet, and found some very interesting photos of one user named «ShmilebliK». I then quickly googled that name, and have found nothing but her Flickr account. Nothing else was found there, so if you know anything about that user, please send me an email to and I’ll publish her name, or her official website :) Now I suggest you to look and enjoy her works!

Throughout those last months photography has grown in me. It has become a part of my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Flickr is my small theater, hope you'll enjoy the show.

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Do you want some business card design inspiration? Enjoy 25 creative examples how talented and successful organizations attract people's attention.

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Elena Dudina is a Russian born photo manipulator living in Spain with her husband and daughter. Her works are combinations of brilliantly photoshopped photographs from various sources. Most of the times she uses Stock photos to begin with. Then Elena manipulates them trying to create another new reality from small fragments of existing reality.

Her style can be described as dark and emotional fantasy. Her images tell stories conveying the atmosphere of a fairytale. There are tons of amazingly beautiful works on Elena’s official website. Visit it and get inspired now! Are your Photoshop skills as good as Elena's?

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Alexa Meade is a talented artist whose work lies at the intersection of painting, photography, performance, and installation. What you are about to see, are not paintings on canvas! These are real photographs! Alexa paints with acrylics directly on human flesh creating the illusion of painterly portraits.

When I first saw her works, I thought that these are ordinary photographs edited in Photoshop. When I realized that this effect was achieved by painting directly on people, I was totally amazed. As Alexa says, she paints the surfaces of the human subjects, the material objects, and the architecture of the installations so as to collapse the subject, foreground, and background into one continuous plane. Visit her official flickr to see more breathtaking works.

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Mandy Rosen is a photographer from California. Despite the fact that Mandy specialises in wedding photography, she has a passion for levitation in fine art photography. As Mandy says, it’s a way for her to escape reality, into a world where she can defy gravity, walk on water, and become a completely different character.

Mandy Rosen is attracted to the style of photography that emphasizes female beauty, and that allows her to exercise her creative freedom. She can create anything that she imagines. In order to see this, visit her official website and find loads of mind-blowing pictures.

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Artists Adri Bodor and Mark Szulyovszky created series called Think Invisible, where viewers really have to put their thinking caps on. Each poster is a solid block of color that reveals just bits of a pop culture-based hidden image. As a hint, the artists included a first and a last letter of the name at the bottom of each image.

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Platinum is a creative studio of 13 artists from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, mastering and mixing their skills in photography, illustration, 3D and CGI. Platinum creatives just seamlessly good together, you clearly see why they just have clients all around the world. Hope you will enjoy these incredible and creative advertisements.

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Essa Al Mazroee is young and upcoming photographer from Dubai. His photos are famous for warm and tender colors that emphasize the magical atmosphere of the image.

Bunnies, more bunnies! :O See a selection of photos of ultra-mega cute bunnies in this post below. All pictures belong to Essa Al Mazroee.
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