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Main » 2013 » January » 17 » The Last Roll of Kodachrome Film
The Last Roll of Kodachrome Film

In 2009, Kodak announced that it would stop producing its iconic Kodachrome film after nearly 75 years in production. Kodachrome is a big deal: it's so popular that a state park is named after it, and of course Paul Simon wrote a song about it. But why was Kodachrome so beloved? It was good, color slide film that held up well in the field and in archives. And in the first twenty-ish years, the cost of processing (developing and mounting the slides) was included in the purchase price. It was good stuff.*

Famed photographer Steve McCurry (the man who photographed the Afghan Girl for National Geographic — on Kodachrome!) asked to be given the last roll of Kodachrome off the assembly line. Kodak agreed. Then National Geographic followed McCurry as he shot those last 36 exposures. Here's what happened:

The last Kodak lab processing Kodachrome shut down in 2010, so Kodachrome is well and truly finished. You can see McCurry's last roll in a slideshow on his website.

* = Nerdy photography footnote. As a teenager, I learned photography using endless rolls of expired Agfachrome, and only rarely shot Kodachrome (the latter always looked yellow/orange to me). At my local camera shop, you could get five rolls of slightly expired, carefully refrigerated Agfachrome for three bucks (!), though processing still cost a fortune.

via mental floss

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