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Main » 2012 » February » 9 » Colourful Photos of London during WWII
Colourful Photos of London during WWII
Luftwaffe raids on the cities of England in 1940 and 1941, known as "Blitz", brought death and destruction, but the Germans failed to achieve major goals: to demoralize the people of Great Britain and harm the war industry.

London has suffered more than other cities, and over a million buildings were destroyed, killing 20,000 civilians (40,000 across England), but the spirit of the Britons was not broken.

London view in 1940. (William Vandivert / TIME & LIFE Pictures)

Workers clearing the blockage in the place where the building stood, London, 1940. Churchill wrote in his memoirs: "It was a time when the British, and especially the Londoners, who belonged to a place of honor, showed their best qualities. Inspired and fierce, stubborn and ready for tests, people do not want to see themselves conquered, so they adapted to the new reality (the Blitz), with all its horrors and shocks."(William Vandivert / TIME & LIFE Pictures)

Destroyed houses in London, 1940. Memoirs of Churchill: "Over the Atlantic Ocean long bombardment of London, and later other cities, triggered a wave of sympathy in the United States, what did not happen either before or after in the English-speaking world. In the hearts of Americans flamed empathy, and stronger than all - in the heart of President Roosevelt . I felt the desire of millions of men and women to share our suffering, and to strike back. Americans traveling to the UK and brought as much as they could take with them. Their respect, esteem, feelings of love and companionship is very encouraging. However, the court was only in September, we had many more months of this strange survival."(William Vandivert / TIME & LIFE Pictures)

Britons working in the "victory garden" in 1940. "Victory Gardens" - the land on which the people of England, USA, Canada, and Germany grow fruits and vegetables for the war effort. (William Vandivert / TIME & LIFE Pictures)

The bus in the crater from the bomb, London, 1940. (William Vandivert / TIME & LIFE Pictures)

The building is on fire after the bombing of London. In 1940. On the night of December 29, the Germans tried to call in the fire, dropping 10,000 incendiary bombs. (William Vandivert / TIME & LIFE Pictures)

View of the destruction in London, 1940. Churchill wrote: 'All the power impact was concentrated on central London. Time was calculated so that the bombing took place at the hour of low tide. Main water line were destroyed by explosions of sea mines dropped from aircraft by parachute. People had to fight with fifteen thousand pockets of fire. Serious damage was caused to docks and railway stations. Eight Christopher Wren churches were destroyed or damaged.' (William Vandivert / TIME & LIFE Pictures)

View of London after the German air raid, 1940. Memoirs of Churchill's "Town Hall was destroyed and St Paul's Cathedral was saved only by heroic efforts. In the center of Britain there is a gaping failure, but when the King and Queen arrived at the scene, they were met with enthusiasm, which you will not see even on the court festivities." (William Vandivert / TIME & LIFE Pictures)

Order of Civil Defense pulls out dead and wounded civilians from damaged buildings after the impact of missiles "V-1" in London, 1940. (William Vandivert / TIME & LIFE Pictures)

London, 1940. (William Vandivert / TIME & LIFE Pictures)

London, 1940. (William Vandivert / TIME & LIFE Pictures)

By 1944 air strikes have ceased, and it became clear that Hitler's plans to seize Europe and the world turned into a defeat for the "thousand-year Reich." (Frank Scherschel / TIME & LIFE Pictures)

LIFE Magazine wrote in 1941: "The Germans were surprised and perplexed by the desire of London to tolerate the destruction and death, rather than surrender. According to the German, British were beaten, but they still refuse to accept this. Of course, this is not the case. And if the finally, we win the war, the victory will be required courage with which the inhabitants of London constrain the siege. (Frank Scherschel / TIME & LIFE Pictures)

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