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Luftwaffe raids on the cities of England in 1940 and 1941, known as "Blitz", brought death and destruction, but the Germans failed to achieve major goals: to demoralize the people of Great Britain and harm the war industry.

London has suffered more than other cities, and over a million buildings were destroyed, killing 20,000 civilians (40,000 across England), but the spirit of the Britons was not broken.

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Do you love typography as much as I do? If you do, here are 37 amazingly beautiful examples of typography from some excellent designers around the world. But if you don't, have a look at those illustrations anyway, maybe it will change your mind :)

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Sometimes it is not enough to listen you must see it. This is the exact moment when you just need to watch it.The most famous french circus in the world , just for your pleasure!!

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I think there is no people in the world who had never been to a library. In this post we gathered for you world's top 15 most beautiful libraries in the world! We are not watching on the amount of books, we are paying attention to the design and architecture, basically what makes them unique.

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Cities around the world are growing at a fast pace. According to predictions, in 2050 more than 70% of of the world's population will be city dwellers. Nowadays urban population is increasing by 5 millions per year.

Photographer Martin Roemers is recording street life in cities with a population of ten million or more. At first sight these are images that bear witness to their overwhelming, massive nature, as hives of activity in which the individual disappears. But anyone looking more closely – past the traffic whizzing by and the bombardment of impressions – can discover the human scale: the street merchant on the corner, a man watching, a bored child.

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