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Main » 2012 » April » 3 » Futuristic Church in Austria
Futuristic Church in Austria

Modern architects have reached and churches. It is unlikely that one can immediately guess that this is a gray building of unusual shape is actually a Christian church. This church was built in the Austrian city of Linz on the project architectural firm X Architekten. The new building is intended to be a spiritual, secular and liturgical center for active seniors.

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The old church, which was built several decades ago, was in poor condition and was subject to demolition.

Located between small hills, the building is protected from the weather and it is notable for its futuristic appearance, which is unusual for this area.

The church was built on the land that lies between the motorway and industrial facilities.

The total area of the church site is 840 square meters.

The interior of the church resembles an amazing multi-faceted crystal: white walls, ceiling and floor inside the building helps to create a brighter, "shining" atmosphere.

Two sliding walls combine the space of a few rooms on the ground floor of the church for any kind of important events or meetings.

One of the functions of the church is to provide cultural activities for seniors, for this purpose, there is a small bar and a kitchen.

The interior design is presented in a contemporary style, which is known by sharp corners, sharp contours and a stylish contrast black and white.

Second floor is occupied by rooms for children and young people.

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