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Main » 2012 » March » 23 » Beautiful Castles of Britain
Beautiful Castles of Britain

Stunning with their majesty, castles of Great Britain attract tourists from all over the world. Tall castles in Scotland, Wales, ancient castles and, of course, posh castles in the heart of England. It's impossible to list all the residences of the kings and generals! But it is possible to allocate some of the most interesting of them.

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This castle is often called «The Most Romantic Castle». Eileen Donan is located on a tiny island, which lies in the fjord of Loch Duyh in Scotland. After the castle was almost destroyed during the Jacobite rebelling in 1719, he had lain in ruins for almost 2 centuries, but was rebuilt in the early 20th century. Photo: Robert Harding World Imagery / Alamy

Bodian Castle, it is surrounded by moat, and is located in the country of East Sussex and originally belonged to the family Delingrizh, but now it is under the auspices of the organization «National Trust». Unfortunately, despite the fact that the lock apparently looks exactly the same as when it was built in 14th century, the inner part is in ruins. Photo: Derek Payne / Alamy

The imposing castle Carnarvon in North Wales was built by King Edward I in an attempt to strengthen its dominance in the newly conquered England region. They say, unusual design of the castle deliberately to resemble whe walls of the Constantinople, the Byzantine architecture as a whole. Photo: CW Images / Alamy

Castle near Koch Tongvinleysa in Wales, though looks medieval, but it was built in the 18th century for John Krishtona-Stewart, third Marquis of Bute. However, neither he nor his family has not lived there since the end of its construction, and the descendants of the Marquis gave the castle to the Government of Wales. Photo: The Photolibrary Wales / Alamy

Built on a hill above the River Arun, Arundel Castle founded by Roger de Montgomery, one of the closest advisers of William the Conqueror in the 11th century. Currently serves as the residence of the Dukes of Norfolk. Photo: Robert Harding World Imagery / Alamy

There is not many castles which are located in fabulous places, the the castle on the hill of St. Michael, who is on the rocky island of Cornwall, where at low tide can be reached on foot. The castle is the residence of Auburn family, who are in it since the 17th century. Photo: Alamy

One of the greatest buildings of the Northern Highlands of Scotland, a castle in the country of Sutherland Danrobin, built in French style, and owes it appearance of Sir Charles Barry, architect of the Palace of Westminster. Photo: Derek Payne / Alamy

Appearing in many films from Elizabeth (1988) to Robin Hood (2010), Bamburgh Castle rises from the rocky shores of Bamburgh, Northumberland County. The historian and broadcaster Dan Show describes his view as «an incredibly strong and impressive». Photo: Alamy

Another castle built by Edward I, Conwy Castle, topped by eight massive towers, and is located on a rocky promontory on the north coast of Wales. They say this castle is one of the best preserved medieval fortification in the UK. Photo: David Cantrille / Alamy

Small but perfect in appearance, Hever Castle was the childhood home of Anne Boleyn, although he was later transferred to the fourth wife of Henry VIII Anne of Cleves as part of their divorce agreement. In 1903 it was bought and restored by the American millionaire William Waldorf Astor, who is also added to the castle gardens and a lake. Photo: Tony French / Alamy

To make some contrast with tiny Windsor Castle, we present you probably the oldest and the largest castle in the world! Which is also a favourite place on the queen. Photo: Oxford Picture Library / Alamy

Unusual Stokes Castle in Shropshire, is a fortified manor, and was built by wealthy fur trader in 13th century. Photo: Peter Barritt / Alamy

Called «Windsor of the North», Alnwick Castle has its roots in the 11th century, when on its place was built first fortifications to protect against Scottish invaders. It is also interesting that the castle was one of the first building on the north-east, which had electricity through hydro-electric system in 1899. Photo: Roy Rainford / Robert harding / rex Features

William the Conqueror ordered to build a castle in Warwick in 1068, but the wooden fence and the wall had nothing to do with the stone fortress with towers, the castle is now. When it was owned by Richard Neville, the castle was used for the capture of King Edward IV. Photo: Simon Hadley / Alamy

Leeds Castle, near Meydstouna in Kent, was the favourite residence of royals, starting from King Edward I to Henry VIII. The rare black swans that live in this den, were allegedly donated to Winstone Churchill, who in turn gave the to the castle. Photo: World Pictures / Alamy

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