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Main » 2012 » February » 26 » 20 Most Exciting Adventures of Our Time
20 Most Exciting Adventures of Our Time

There are lots of brave people in the world who seems tried everything. Adrenaline hunters were underground, dived to the bottom of the ocean, been inside an active volcano and lots and lots more.

In this post we present you Top-20 or the most ’adrenaline-full’ adventures you can take!

(30 photos)

Climbing mount Everest. The Himalayas, Nepal, China. Since Edmund Hillary and Norgay Tentsig in 1953 showed the world that it is possible to climb mount Everest, every year, approximately 500 people, beginning from 13yo to blind, are trying to climb it. Most of them are trying to set some records. For 58 years, about 200 people died there.

Jump from the Eiger mountain in wingsuit. Grindelwald, Swiss Alps.

If to translate from German to Russian word 'Eiger' means 'man-eater'. Quite good name for a 4km in height monster, and take to count that he took around 60 lives. Despite that fact, northern side of the mountain still attracts hundreds of people from around the world who are willing to try to catch their luck. This mountain is mostly used for jumping in wingsuites, when person flies not down, but forward. Speed is about 100km/h.

Surfing on the waves of Shipsterns Bluff. The southern coast of Tasmania.

In order to get there, you have to use boat, or walk long distance through wild lands. Waves there are usually around 2m high, but sometimes they reach 6m.

Hike along the routes of the Triple Crown. The United States.

Triple Crown is a travelers path in USA, is about 12.5 thousand km in total. It takes years to finish it. But if you take risk, you will virgin forests, peaks covered with snow, volcanoes, tropical jungles, blue-blue sky and weather which changes like a mood of a little princess. People risk their lives for that!

Ski descent from K2 (Chogori). Border between Pakistan and China. Chogori — second highest peak in the world. But if to compare with Everest, it's more far away, has more unpredictable weather and took more lives.

Climbing on El-Capitan. Yosemite, California, USA. Like a fortress, 900 meter monolith El Capitan rises above the valley of Yosemite. Height of the mountain is twice more than Empire State Building. For the impressive size and sheer cliffs, the climbers made ​​the ascent to the summit of a kind of ritual, where the final "initiated" can watch one of the most beautiful crevices in the world.

Go across Sahara Desert. South Africa.

The most biggest 'sand-sea' in the world is Sahara Desert. It covers 8.5 million km square, across all south Africa. It is larger than territory of Brazilia. If actually decide to go there, you have to be aware of sand storms, hostile tribes and extreme conditions.

Jumping from waterfall in kayaks. Washington, DC, USA.

To jump off the 57m waterfall, it's not enough to believe in your own immortality. Those brave people who are lucky to stay alive after the jump can really be proud of themselves.

Descending into an active volcano. Vanuatu, South Pacific.

Unique descent to the underworld was carried out only 2010. The group of cavers led by adventurer Kiwi Geoff Muckle ventured to descend to 195 meters in the Marum Volcano in Vanuatu mountains. Since then nobody tried to beat or even repeat that.

Mountain climbing and surfing on the pole. Arctic and Antarctic. The desire to challenge the coldest places in the world, heady feeling that you're alone for a thousand kilometers or some other reason may have recently led a group of athletes to arrange a tour of surfing off the coast of the Lofoten Islands. Then it seemed not enough, so there was organised a free-style swimming in the waters of North Pole. Somewhere on the edge of our planet, where many mountains have no names, 6 people decided to have unforgettable memories and feelings. Good news about their return opened the doors for the followers.

Ski races on Hanenkam track. Austria. Hanenkam track is about 3km long and has angles of 85 degrees, which makes the track one of the most dangerous track in the world. It also has places, where skiers reach speed of 140km/h with the average speed on the track — 100km/h.

Crossing the Amazon. Central and South America.

As you might know Amazon — largest, deepest and longest river in the world. It attracts lots of adventurers. They are willing to take 6.5 thousand km of adventures, and in order to finish this trip, they have to guard against dengue fever and leeches do not fall into the clutches of jaguars and not be scared of tarantulas, which are the size of a small watermelon. At the end of the road dared to risk, are unlikely to find the treasures of the Incas, or the lost gold of El Dorado, but the weight is almost guaranteed an unforgettable experience.

Hit in the 7 Summits Club.

The idea of conquering world's top 7 highest peaks was formed in 1981, and it gains its popularity since. When you conquer all seven, you can be ranked in the club, where more than hundred famous people are.

Dive into a flooded cave. Bahamas. Underwater cave is a system of a caves under Bahamas Islands. It was always a mystery place. Deep down there lies the kingdom of tunnels and labyrinths, which consist of fossils and ancient structures. Those, who got lucky to visit "blue holes" tell the stories about unbelievable underwater architecture and whole halls with mysterious atmosphere.

Cyclocross from Alaska to Argentina.

In the two-year marathon bicycle travelers expect two most hottest in the world mountain ranges, more than a dozen countries and 32,000 kilometers. People, going on a long journey between the Prudhoe Bay in Alaska and Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, does not "thirst for glory, races and prizes," but most likely they are going when the trip becomes a way of life.

Voyage around the world alone. Go around the earth's axis and return to the starting point with something repeating the feat of Magellan, and somewhere to surpass the glory of the other brave souls - that's one of the purposes of swimming alone. In order to cross all meridians you need more than mercy of the ocean, you need to be able to overcome all marine hazards. After the storm did not disappear , as a few centuries ago, there is always a threat to get into the power meter waves and capricious element of wind.

Swimming with big white shark. South Africa.

People are scared to death of white sharks, but there are always those who want to try their luck. You only need to overcome yourself and know that even though the shark and are on top of the food chain of the underwater world, a person is not one of their natural prey.

Participation in the marathon through the Mont Blanc. Italy, France, Switzerland. Traveling through the highest mountain in the Alps - Mont Blanc - requires enormous stamina and excellent training. Those interested will check their strength at 166 km-long ring, which lies in three countries and has a total height equal to the set of 9500 meters. The competition on this route may come off half the distance even for the battle-hardened athletes.

Rafting through the rapids of the river Bashkaus. Altai, Russia. Bashkaus - Altai river, until recently considered unavailable. At present, there is rafting on one of the most difficult water routes. One reason is the huge number of obstacles. Participants of the expedition will have to overcome more than two hundred obstacles, and the most dangerous rapids are concentrated in the seven canyons and rugged "Lower Gorge". Extra Extreme will be the end of the road, where in the remote backwaters near the border with Mongolia by an average of one kilometer of the water level is changed to 8 meters. And so - over 209 kilometers.

Skydiving from the stratosphere. Although usually skydiving takes place at altitudes of up to four kilometers, but there always are exceptions. Recently, most desperate are flying from the stratosphere. On the balloons you can rise to heights of more than 20 kilometers, in layers, called pre-space. With such jump into a free fall, man overcomes the sound barrier, accelerating to 1500 kilometers per hour or 278 meters per second. Since the first successful experiment in 1960, each subsequent rise either becomes a new record or another suicide.

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