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Main » 2012 » February » 23 » Worlds Smallest Aquarium
Worlds Smallest Aquarium
World smallest aquarium was made by Russian miniaturist Anatoliy Konenko. His fan of miniature things for over thirty years now. One of his works was to write a text on one human hair, and recently he created worlds smallest aquarium.

(6 photos + 1 video)

This tiny tank is made of fiberglass. On its bottom live seaweed is growing. Fishes inside are real as well. These are zebrafish larvae, smaller than 4 mm.

The dimensions of this nanoaquarium made by Stanislav and Anatoliy Kanoneko on February 12, 2012, is 30 х 24 х 14 mm.

V=10mm, which is about two tea spoons.

It is absolute record, because previous record was V=60mm.

It took 3 weeks for Anatoliy to build this aquarium. The most hardest was to build micro-compressor.

This is not Anatoliy's first world record. Previously he made a book with surface area of less than 1 square mm.

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