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Main » 2012 » February » 23 » World Photography: Hawaii
World Photography: Hawaii
In Europe it's -20, lots of snow and everyone is freezing. So we decided to start our new category of World Photography with something warm, something sunny and positive, and I think there's no better place than Hawaii.

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Source: LJ / Chernenok

Time: 12am. During summer, sun shines almost perpendicular to the ground, like in tropics.

Relaxing fishermen.

You just can't describe that.

Kuaokola Forest.

Sand bitbeaches are awesome. But it's hard to swim because of the waves. And the danger is not that you might be sucked into the ocean, but the reefs, which can break your legs or deeply cut it.

At first it might seem, that our overheated under the sun, because of "running sand", but if you look closer, you will see small sand crabs.

Surfers easily skip reefs on their boards and catch the waves.

In about 100m from the shore they catch the waves and have fun (:

Some people surf, some people are sunbathing. Beautiful.

When it starts to get dark, torches are starting to burn.

In the center, there buses, which work almost 24/7, and most of the tourists and citizens are using them. It’s not free, but ticket cost is very low. In America, for example, buses are considered as «the transport for poor».

Simple parking for bicycles.

Hawaiian language has around 15 letters and dies. These are the names of the streets translated to English.

In the city centre there is so many palms planted, and soon they are going to become big grass (:

I lived more than a year in USA, but found that IHOP stands for International House Of Pancakes only recently.

Ukulele (from Hawaiian ukulele [ʔukulele]) - four stringed musical instrument. Appeared in 1880 as the development of Bragin - miniature guitars from the island of Madeira, the Portuguese kavakino sister. Ukulele extended to various Pacific islands, but is primarily associated with Hawaiian music since touring Hawaiian musicians in the Pacific 1915 exhibition in San Francisco. Normal operation - GCEA (Sol-Do-Mi-La).

The name translates to the same version as the «jumping flea» because the movement of the fingers when playing the ukulele like jumping fleas, on the other — as a «gift that came here.»

Free toilets around the world.

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