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Main » 2012 » February » 10 » Lantern Festival in China
Lantern Festival in China
The Traditional Lantern Festival took place this Monday in China. This feast is celebrated on the fifteenth day of the first month in the lunisolar year in the Chinese calendar, the last day of the lunisolar Chinese New Year celebration.

1. People performing the Dragon Dance in the shower of firework sparks in the park, Chongqing, China. ( Chen Cheng)

2.Thousands of people in helmets standing under the fireworks in hopes of getting a spark or a firecracker. Yangshuo, Taiwan.

Fireworks Festival in Yangshuo was estableshed in the late XIX century, when the villagers, eho suffered from a cholera epidemic, were using fireworks to scare away evil spirits. It was believed that they brought the infection to the villages. (AP / Wally Santana)

3. People gathering in the Garden Yuyuan after Chinese New Year. (AP / Eugene Hoshiko)

4. Dragon-shaped lanterns in Yuyuan garden. (AP / Eugene Hoshiko)

5. People against the background of a large dragon-shaped lantern in Yuyuan garden. (AP / Eugene Hoshiko)

6. People in Yuyuan garden. (AP / Eugene Hoshiko)

7. Terracotta Warriors in Beijing. (AP / Alexander F. Yuan)

8. A couple walking under lanterns in Yuyuan Garden. (AP / Eugene Hoshiko)

9. Performers dancing at the event on the eve of the Feast of lanterns in the shopping center, Beijing. (AP / Alexander F. Yuan)

10. A man in the costume of the god of fortune gives people the opportunity to touch the ancient symbol of money and good luck in Yuyuan Garden. (AP / Eugene Hoshiko)

11. Workers carrying deflated by a strong wind lanterns in a shopping area in Beijing. (AP / Alexander F. Yuan)

12. A man on an empty square, which is decorated with red lanterns in Beijing. (AP / Alexander F. Yuan)

13. Artist playing drums in Yan’an, Shaanxi Province. ( Qi Xiaojun)

14. People walking under the red lanterns in Jinan. ( Zhu Zheng)

15. Boys and girls sending lantern Kunming (made of paper) into the sky, on the eve of the Feast of lanterns in Wenzhou. In China, it is believed that if you send a lantern into the sky, your desire must be fulfilled. ( Chen Xiang)

16. People on the Lantern Festival in Taipei. (AP / Chiang Ying-ying)

17. People looking at the lights in Taipei. (AP / Chiang Ying-ying)

18. A dragon-shaped lantern in Baise park. ( Luo Zhiken)

19. People watching the dragon dance during a Lantern Festival in Chzhayin, Guizhou Province.

20. People taking pictures of the artists at the shopping center, Beijing. (AP / Alexander F. Yuan)

21. Dancers with the drums under the lanterns in a shopping center, Beijing. (AP / Alexander F. Yuan)

22. Women dressed as a royal representative of the Qing Dynasty in the shopping center in Beijing during the Lantern Festival. (AP / Alexander F. Yuan)

23. People watching dance on donkeys in a shopping center in Beijing. (AP / Alexander F. Yuan)

24. Chinese girl in a mask holding a lotus-shaped lantern is standing next to the lantern shop in the city of Nanjing.

25. These lanterns were made by high school students in Taipei. ( Jin Liangkuai)

26. Here you can see people performing the dragon dance in Syantszyuy. Locals believe that this dance can bring good fortune and peace. ( Xu Yu)

27. Hundreds of Taiwanese make "sky lanterns" in hopes of good luck and prosperity in the new year. (AP / Wally Santana)

28. Hundreds of residents of Taipei releasing paper lanterns into the sky. (AP / Wally Santana)

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