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Date: Wednesday, 08.02.2012, 23:50 | Post # 1
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There are films we love and adore, count days till premiere and even pay money to see them in cinema. However, in modern world of opportunities paying money is no longer an option in most cases. And by the end of the day, admit, we all love taking advantage of the system and downloading films for free or, what’s even better, watching them online.

So here is the list of web's most pirated films; list was revealed the other day by Torrentfreak (oh, apparently, as Bonnie Tyler sings we actually need a hero and we search for him, may be her, in films):

10) Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
The critics abhorred it. But we highly doubt producer Jerry Bruckheimer cares when the box office figures totalled nearly $1 billion. He won't be so impressed however that POTC 4 has been illegally downloaded 14 million times.

9) The Incredible Hulk
The Edward Norton Hulk (2008) is surprisingly popular, appearing on the list where bigger superhero franchises (Spider-Man, Superman) are absent. It's been illegally downloaded 14 million times.

8) The Departed
Movie piracy is stealing, making anyone who downloads a movie a criminal. Still, we can't fault their taste on this one! Scorsese's magnificent drama has been pirated 14 million times.

7) Kickass
Geeky + funny + violence + superheroes = illegal downloads. Kickass has been pirated 15 million times.

6) Star Trek
It's tempting to jump straight to the 'trekky nerd with modem' stereotype when you see this title on the list. And, to an extent, you'd be right to. But let's not forget that it was also perhaps the best action movie of 2009. It's been illegally downloaded 16 million times.

5) The Hangover
Todd Phillips' hilarious booze-comedy is popular on the piracy sites. It's been pinched 17 million times.

4) Inception
'I can access your mind through your dreams,' says Leo in the stunning Christopher Nolan drama. Well, sadly, people can access his movie through their computers. It's been pirated 18 million times.

3) Transformers
Robots in disguise. And on the web. The first Transformers movie is the third biggest movie in the history of web piracy with 19 million illegal downloads.

2) The Dark Knight
'He's the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll hunt him.' And hunt him in our millions in cinemas, on Blu-Ray and illegally. The Nolan masterpiece has been ripped 19 million times.

Eventually, number one would be no surprise for you; it is famous Avatar.
It was the king of the box office, eventually grossing over $2 billion worldwide. It's impressive that Avatar was able to become the most successful movie of all time with such a force of movie piracy out against it. It's been pirated 21 million times on the net.

source:MSN news portal

We value your opinion and would like to know your film taste, your experience on downloading films or music, share your opinion, and speak out load whether you think film industry gives us value for money and it is tit-for-tat situation or our frugal budget suffers for nothing? Thank you for reading this article=) Please, share it if you liked it.

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Forum » EVERYTHING AND MORE » Movies & TV » Cinema or ...
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