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Main » 2012 » March » 25 » Most Idiotic Covers for iPhone
Most Idiotic Covers for iPhone

At first I was in doubt if to put this post in «Inspiration» category, or no. Then decided, that such covers should not be as inspiration to you guys, and decided to leave that post without any category.

(11 covers)

Strongest muscle in human body is — chewing muscle, which raises the lower jaw. Why not take advantage of this fact and make it work for you? Hold the iPhone while reading or watching videos! Your neck and hands will will take a brake and rest.

Bullies are waiting for the iPhone owners to show up? They will wait for him, but will they be glad they finally met him?

Want to play with your dog, but she's tired from all those games? With this iPhone cover your relationship with your pet will come to a new level. Just get yourself this awesome frisbee cover and throw it to your dog to catch! Belive me, dog has never felt more happier than the moment you throw it! But keep an eye for dog bringing it back with phone in place.

Don't forget about your cat!

And again no problems with the bullies! With this cover you can blow mind of any bully.

You are at the cinema, and lights for some reason being turned off and you can't use your iPhone properly? This cover solves the problem! Download latest episode of South Park and enjoy it, while your girlfriend watches Twilight.

Iphone cover for the mixer.

Don't know how to convince a maid not to look in your room when you and you're girlfriend discussing vampire saga in some mini-hotel? This cover was designed to give you ability to hang your iPhone on the door handle! So everybody would see it make it blink.

And the latest and most awesome cover ever — invisible cover!

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