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Movies Coming in April-May 2012
We decided to raise our ratings in google, therefore this post is about some hot movies coming soon. Here’s the current top picks for April and May.

Titanic (3D) – April 6, 2012

The biggest box office movie of all time is back on the big screen, but this time in 3D!

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The Lucky One – April 20, 2012

It's spring and love is in the air. This is a clichéd sap fest, but that what you get in films based on Nicholas Sparks books. This ordinarily wouldn't have made the list, but it does have Zac Efron who I've spent time with and he's a damn nice guy. He's right in the middle of that transition of becoming a great adult actor. The dude can express emotion and tears on cue and that's a brave feat.

The Avengers – May 4, 2012

There are so many players in this one vying for attention on the screen, but no doubt this will be a fun popcorn flick just before we kick off the summer.

Dark Shadows – May 11, 2012

If anyone can bring the gothic soap opera of the 60's to the big screen it is Tim Burton. Johnny Depp reteams once again with him in this horror as a centuries old vampire. The beautiful, elusive and erotic Michelle Pfeiffer ads to the fun as Depp's cousin. She worked with Burton last in the early 90's as Catwoman in Batman Returns.

Battleship – May 18, 2012

You sunk my battleship! Inspired by the famous board game this film will be a loud blockbuster that may look like something Michael Bay put together. Rihanna has a good sized acting part amidst the chaos.


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