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Main » 2012 » January » 30 » 20 Things Happened In The Internet In 2011
20 Things Happened In The Internet In 2011
20 seminal events from the Internet in 2011 and weaved them into a single artwork.
Your challenge? Name all 20.
If you can't name all of them, go inside this post for answers!
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ROME 3 Dreams of Black — an interactive film by Chris Milk

The video game Sword and Sworcery was released for the iPad.

Nyan Cat

Update 11.10 Codename Oneiric Ocelot — was released for the open source OS Ubuntu.

Anonymous attacks PlayStation Network.

Greenpeace uses the internet to fund the building of a new Rainbow Warrior

Dennis Ritchie, creator of a C programming language and co-creator of UNIX, dies

Video game Duke Nukem Forever launches — after 15 years of development

Google replaces Helvetica with Comic Sans as a April Fools joke

'The Force' Volkswagen Commercial

Rebecca Black's music video Friday went viral

Casey Neistadt's protest video, made when he got a ticket for riding outside bike lane in NY

The Hacker group LulzSec was formed and launched several attacks against corporate and public websites

Google+ — Google's social network — launches.

Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, dies

Facebook introduces Timeline

Wikileaks releases secret files on Guatanamo Prisoners

YouTube video The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger goes viral

Old Spice Mano a Mano — the duel between Old Spice Guy, and New Old Spice Guy Fabio.

And let's look at some pieces:

We also have awesome opportunity to check out the PROCESS:

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